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🔹How can I find out when your new books are coming out?

I will always announce new releases to my Diamond Club mailing list first, so the very best way to stay in the loop is to join the list (you’ll get a free copy of my rockstar romance novella Dirty Like Us when you subscribe): http://ebook.jainediamond.com/getdirty/ After new releases are announced to the mailing list, they will also be added to my website and announced on social media.

🔹What are you working on right now?

Currently I’m working on the next couple of books in the Dirty series!

🔹What book(s) will be out next?

In order of release, this is the current schedule for the next few releases:

  1. Dirty #2.5 (2018) – an essential story collection, to be released shortly before Dirty #3
  2. Dirty #3 (2018)
  3. Dirty #4 (2018)

🔹What is the best way to contact you?

Generally, email or Facebook. Here’s where to find me online:


This is where I post all book-related news and major updates.

I post both book-related and personal stuff here. (If you look like a real person who’s interested in my books and not a spam bot, I will happily accept your friend request.)

You’ll find book stuff, my favorite things and my life in pictures here.

You can have Amazon automagically notify you, by email, as soon as I publish a new book—simply click the +Follow button under my author photo.

You’ll want to follow me here if you’re into character inspiration pics, awesome writing quotes, beautiful people and old castles. I also post all my book covers and teasers here.

If you +Follow me on BookBub, you’ll not only get alerts about my new releases, but you’ll also show BookBub that readers like you are interested in my books—and may help me get a coveted featured deal—which, of course, makes you extra awesome!!

I occasionally tweet book news and random stuff.

I’d LOVE to start up a FACEBOOK GROUP, otherwise known as a fan group or readers’ group, as a way to provide more goodies and interactive stuff to my readers (like more advance excerpts and teasers, polls and contests), and a welcoming place to chat about my books.
If you’d like to see that happen, you can let me know by clicking HERE—you’ll be notified by email as soon as the Facebook Group launches!

🔹Are your books available in paperback?

All of my novels are available in paperback from Amazon. Usually, the paperback version of each novel will be published within 2-3 weeks after the ebook version.

🔹Will your books ever be available as audiobooks?

I would absolutely love to offer my books in audio form. As soon as there are any concrete plans to do so, I will update this info.

🔹Will your books ever be available on iBooks? Or Nook? Or Kobo?

Likely, yes. DEEP was formerly available on all of the above, but is now available only on Amazon. Currently both the DEEP and Dirty series are exclusive to Amazon. As soon as there are any concrete plans to make any of my ebooks available for sale outside of Amazon, I will update this info.


🔹When will the next Dirty book be out?

I don’t have a release date yet. It will be sometime in early 2018. Basically, as soon as I can get it out!

🔹When will Zane and Maggie’s book be out? Will it be the next one? 

I don’t have a release date for Zane and Maggie’s book yet. It will not be the next book. Hint: If you’ve read Dirty Like Brody, that book states at the very end what the next book in the series will be. (I won’t spoiler it here in case people reading this haven’t yet finished that book.) But I am very much looking forward to sharing the rest of Zane and Maggie’s story.

🔹Will the other characters be getting books?

All the members of Dirty will be getting a book.

🔹Will there be more of Jesse and Katie?

Jesse and Katie’s wedding is featured in Dirty Like Brody. They will also appear in the forthcoming story collection (Dirty #2.5). And they will make appearances in all the future Dirty books.

🔹Will Elle or Jude be getting their own book?

All the members of Dirty will be getting a book, including Elle. I won’t get specific about it yet, but you will definitely be seeing more of Jude.


🔹When will the next DEEP book be out?

DEEPER (DEEP #2) is out now! You can get it here.

🔹Will First/Adam and Scarlet or Hilt or any other DEEP characters be getting their own book?

At present, I have no concrete plans to write books for any of the other characters in the DEEP world. But I never say never. I LOVE this series and the characters within. If I ever have plans to write more DEEP books, I will update this info.